Skin Tightening Treatment

Morpheus8 is more than just a microneedling device. It’s our latest and greatest full-body, non-surgical, anti-aging tool that packs a serious skin-tightening punch thanks to the addition of radiofrequency.

The Morpheus8 treatment is great for:

  • Increasing the firmness and elasticity of your skin
  • Reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation, improving your overall skin tone
  • Reducing the appearance of scars and stretchmarks.

Morpheus8: The Beautiful Benefits of Marrying Microneedling with Radiofrequency

What is Morpheus?


Morpheus is a powerful micro-needling and radio-frequency treatment platform we offer at the Granbury location. The beauty of Morpheus lies in the results. With every trauma, the immune system responds and provides repair and support. During a Morpheus treatment, the micro-needling and radio-frequency shocks the immune system and promotes healing and collagen production to fill in wrinkles and plump the skin.  

Morpheus8 Skin Tightening FAQ

How Morpheus8 Works

You’ve likely heard of micro-needling, a dermaroller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin, in order to generate new collagen and tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. Yes, Morpheus8 is yet another micro-needling tool. But rather than simply prick the skin, this device also incorporates radio-frequency, which triggers that collagen and elastin production at a deeper level that micro-needling alone can’t reach.

As for the procedure, after using a topical numbing cream on the patient’s treatment area, the handheld device is pressed into the area, allowing the minuscule micro-needles to perforate the skin. Once the pins are in place, they emit radio-frequency (RF) waves. The heat from these waves penetrates deep into the dermal skin layer, creating a ‘shrink wrap’-like effect, tightening the skin and fat below. This is what causes the remodeling and restructure, and the improvement in the appearance of what was formerly saggy to thick and healthy skin. The whole procedure in it’s entirety – numbing and prep included – doesn’t take much more than two hours.

Why It’s More Effective Than Other Micro-needling Devices?

The secret lies in how the RF and micro-needling combine. Micro-needling creates the channels to allow the RF to penetrate the skin’s deepest layers. And when RF can reach those deeper layers, it’s what truly contours and transforms the skin. So it’s not just addressing superficial tissue as micro-needling devices do, but the deeper, adipose fat that is known for creating loose, crepey skin.

In addition to removing the hair, Laser Hair Removal reduces folliculitis (bumps) and visible follicles even when you are shaved. So not only are you less hairy, but your skin has improved texture and appearance.

Ideal Areas That Morpheus8 Treats & Targets

Morpheus8’s most popular target area might just be jowls, jawline, and submental area of the neck (the space below the chin). But we also use it to tighten loose skin on the inner and outer thighs, above the knees, and abdomen. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of acne and acne scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores, and wrinkles.

When You’ll See Morpheus8 Results

You should see results as quickly as your first Morpheus8 Skin Remodeling treatment, but we recommend having at least three sessions spaced roughly four to six weeks apart to see full results (in fact, we sell these treatments in packages of three). As for downtime after each session, expect to see some mild swelling and redness that looks and feels like a sunburn for three to four days following treatment, plus some possible flaking as the tiny punctures from the microneedle heal. Again, since that energy from the RF is being delivered so deep, there is less damage to the surface of the skin, making downtime minimal.

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