TeleTurk Appointment Scheduled Successfully!


You are scheduled for a telephone visit

We are looking forward to your visit with us. We understand that a telephone visit may be new to you, so we have prepared some instructions to help make it successful.


TeleTurk Appointment Reminders

30 minutes prior to to your scheduled TeleTurk call you will receive a reminder email with your appointment details. The email will also contain a confirmation of your scheduled time so that you know when to expect our call. 

If you also opted in to receive text reminders, you will receive two (2) text reminders prior to your scheduled TeleTurk call. The first text reminder is sent 1 hour before your TeleTurk appointment time and the second text reminder is sent 5 minutes before your scheduled TeleTurk call. 


Time for your TeleTurk telephone visit

Your Turk Express Care provider will call you at your scheduled time. You may be asked to verify information, such as your insurance, allergies, and medication list, at the start of your call.


TeleTurk Appointment Follow Up

Approximately two (2) hours after your TeleTurk appointment you will receive a follow-up email to confirm that your medical concerns were successfully addressed during your TeleTurk call. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your appointment, you can reach us using the contact information provided in the email.

Tips for a successful telephone visit

Be prepared 15 minutes before you scheduled appointment time.

If you are using a cell phone, make sure your phone is charged and that you have good cellular reception.

You should be in a private space, where personal medical information can be freely discussed.

Make a list of items you would like to discuss with your provider in advance of the visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

TeleMedicine Consent

By scheduling a TeleTurk Telehealth call with Turk Express Care you understand and agree to the following:

Telemedicine services may be offered as sole or partial treatment. Telemedicine services involve the use of audio, live video (like Skype, Zoom, Etc.,), or other electronic communications to interact with you for the purpose of providing medical care, and/or follow-up services on an individual basis.  A potential risk of telemedicine is that your specific concerns, or unforeseen technical issues, may still necessitate a face-to-face session as part of your ongoing treatment.

Additionally, in RARE circumstances security protocols could fail causing a breach of patient privacy. All laws concerning patient access to medical records and copies of medical records apply to telemedicine.  You may withhold or withdraw your consent to a telemedicine consultation at any time before and/or during the consultation without affecting your right to future care or treatment. The alternative to telemedicine is a face-to-face visit with a clinician.

By scheduling a TeleTurk Telehealth call with Turk Express Care you understand that you have a right to request copies of medical records and have the right to revoke this authorization in writing at any time during the course of your treatment.

You understand that this authorization will remain in place in perpetuity, or until such time as you revoke the authorization in

When should I use TeleTurk?

TeleTurk helps address common medical and behavioral health issues.

Urgent Care: You can use our Urgent Care service line for non-emergency or low-acuity conditions that you would typically visit an urgent care, retail clinic or primary care provider for, such as the flu, a cold, allergies, strains and sprains.

Why do I need a webcam or video-enabled mobile app?

In some states, a video connection is required by law. Even where it is not required, a video connection allows our board-certified medical providers to deliver the best possible care. When a provider can see you, she/he can better assess your condition and monitor visual cues.

Please be advised that it’s at the provider’s discretion as to whether a video consultation is necessary.

How much does a visit with TeleTurk cost?

The cost of an Urgent Care visit for an individual is $45. 

What are the requirements for using TeleTurk?

TeleTurk users must be at least 18 years old or have a parent/guardian present at time of visit.

A valid email address is required to schedule your visit, and a valid credit card or paypal is required for payment.

Users must have a telephone or high-speed Internet connection. TeleTurk works best with the following browsers: Chrome for computers, androids, and MacBooks; and Safari for iPhone/iPads

For video consultation, users must have a webcam or video-enabled mobile device.

Javascript and Cookies should remain enabled.

How is my information stored?

All data entered within our application is securely and privately stored. Your password and other important data are protected through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol—the same type of security used by banks.

Our servers are housed in world-class, highly secure data centers utilizing state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Data centers are staffed 24/7 by trained security guards, and access is authorized strictly on a privileged basis. Additionally, environmental security measures are in place to minimize disruptions to operation. TeleTurk data storage is spread across several geographic regions and availability zones, allowing us to stay operational during most failure situations, including natural disasters and power outages.

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