Flowers & Chocolate? No, Thanks. Botox, Please!

January 17, 2021


1. What is Botox?

Botox Cosmetic is an injectable cosmetic treatment used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face.


2. How many units of Botox will I need?

  • Frown or Glabellar Lines: 15-25 Botox units
  • Crow’s feet: 5-15 Botox units per side
  • Forehead lines: 10-30 Botox unites
  • Eyebrows: 2-5 Botox units per side
  • Nasalis “Bunny” lines: 5-10 Botox units
  • Upper lip lines: 4-8 Botox units
  • Smile lift: 3-6 Botox units
  • Dimpled chin: 2-6 Botox units
  • Marionette lines: 2-8 Botox units
  • Pout boost: 2-4 Botox units
  • Gummy smile: 2-4 Botox units
  • Neck bands: 25-50 Botox units 
How Much Botox Do I Need?

3. How much does Botox cost?

Now, to calculate how Botox treatment costs are figured out. First, select the area of concern. Take the number of units and multiply by the Botox cost per unit to determine your cost. For example, Botox is $9 per unit and the area of concern will take 10 units to correct then 10 per unit X $9 = $90 for the cost of the area to be treated. Costs are determined per unit and units may vary by person. For a limited time, Turk Express Care is offering a Valentine’s Day discount, $9/unit Botox Injections. 


Thinking about getting Botox?

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