May is Better Sleep Month | 5 Tips to Improve Your Sleep
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Sleep is essential for a healthy and full life. When you sleep your body has a chance to focus on healing and regeneration, on top of replenishing your energy. In honor of Better Sleep Month this May, we want to help you understand what you can do to improve your sleep and life.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep doesn’t only rejuvenate your mind, replenish your energy, and help you feel better. There are a variety of health benefits to sleep such as boosts to your immune system, infection resistance, and hormonal balances. Sleep can also help you lose weight with appropriate diet and exercise. Memory and recall are also improved by a good night’s sleep.

5 Tips to Improve Your Sleep

There are things that you can do in an effort to increase the quality of your sleep. Some are simple, others require more of a change in your routine. A few of the changes or actions you can take include:

  1. Increase brighter lights during the day
  2. Decrease screen time an hour before bedtime
  3. Decrease caffeine intake in the afternoon
  4. Have a consistent wake/sleep routine
  5. Rule out a sleep disorder

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With a few changes to routine, you can expect to improve your sleep and daily mood. On top of the tasks listed, you will need to put some thought into your bedroom. The mattress and pillows you sleep on will also contribute to your sleep quality. Keeping your room quiet, dark, and cool will help your body understand it is time to shut down. Exercise also prepares your body for sleep, but not in the last few hours before bed. Exercise heats the body and will cause you to have a difficult time settling down until your body cools down.

Should these tips not help, consider adding occasional supplements like melatonin. The use of sleep aids should be limited as it may increase your body’s dependence on a substance to wind down.

In order to have a good night’s sleep, you may have to make various adjustments to your daily routine. But what happens if it does not work? Consider visiting us at Turk Express Care Clinic to be evaluated for a sleep disorder or other medical reason that may affect your sleep. A good night’s rest is vital to your overall health. Don’t trudge through your days always feeling exhausted – take this May’s Better Sleep Month to make a healthy change in your life.

may is better sleep month photo

May is Better Sleep Month | 5 Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is essential for a healthy and full life. When you sleep your body has a chance to focus on healing and regeneration, on top of replenishing...
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