Why Natural Hormone Therapy?

January 23, 2020

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Because it’s easy! As a patient, you are pelleted 2-4 times per year. This way you don’t have to think about it and the hormone is present when your body needs it.

What is Natural Based Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy (NBHRT)?

Natural Based Hormone Replacement Therapy can come in oral, topical and pellet forms. NBHRT is a much better design of hormone replacement. Pellets have benefits over the other administrations of hormone therapies, primarily that the steady administration of the hormone prevents rollercoaster dosing that comes from creams and pills.

Natural Based Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy

How long does a Natural Based Hormone Replacement Pellet take to work?

Each patient’s signs are unique and each patient’s routes to optimization is unique. Most patients report some symptom resolution in as little as two to four weeks, but full optimization may take up to 6 months. Your journey will be specialized to fit your specific needs. Just as it doesn’t take you 1-2 weeks to get out of balance, it doesn’t resolve that quickly either.

Pellets are very small, custom compounded therapies for signs that stem from hormonal imbalances. This therapy keeps hormone levels consistent throughout the day and avoids rollercoaster-like properties from orally administered or topically administered hormones. Pellets are produced from only natural based ingredients and contain no povidone. The pellets contain hormones identical to the ones found in the human body. Studies have shown bio-identical hormones have fewer side effects than synthetic hormones.


MALE PELLET INSERTION $450 (less than 2 gm)

MALE PELLET INSERTION $450 (more than 2 gm)



Botox – $9 per unit

“Skinny Shot” – starts at $10

PRP Facial – regularly $300, schedule today for $200

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